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28 Aug, 2012
6 Sep, 2023

Five fantastic organic whites

After a list of gorgeous organic champagne and some lovely organic red wines, today is time for my list of interesting organic white wines to try. In the brackets are the Swedish monopoly prices and article numbers or order numbers. These are wines from producers I can recommend, so if you can't find this specific wine, try looking for other products from the same producer and do let us know how they were!

1. Clos des Capuchins Riesling Reserve, Domaine Weinbach, Alsace, France (199 SEK. 8817701) Domaine Weinbach in Alsace, run by three women of the Faller family, is completely biodynamic since 2005. They produce wines of exceptional finesse, acidity and minerality which has gained the trio international renown. This 2011 Riesling is young and sharp as a shard of glass. The acidity - never sour only refreshing - is it’s defining feature but the yellow fruit is there, as are honeyed tones, and the balance is precise. The fatty citrus tones probably open up with decanting. I’d have no problem drinking a bottle now, perhaps with sushi or shellfish, but I’d say a few years in the cellar will turn this into a jewel.

2. Chilcas Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Chilcas, Maule, Chile (79 SEK, 6697, also available in half bottle) A much richer style of sauvignon blanc than Swedes (crazy about the New Zealand style) are used to. Creamy, with tropical fruit and a touch of pistachio and resin with a soft mineral acidity makes this a really pleasant budget option. I met Chilcas winemaker Camilio Viani last year. He talked about all the good work done in conjunction with their recent re-launch through owner Via Wines. They look at social sustainability as well and I hope they continue to step it up. Would love to see a broader range at Systembolaget!

3. Crazy by Nature Dry Flint Chenin Blanc 2010, Millton Vineyards, Gisborne, New Zealand (119 SEK, nr 73370) 
James Millton was a fantastic new acquaintance from the RAW-fair in London. His wines have a sharp minerality and freshness from the chilly climate in Gisborne. The sauvignon blancs from Millton, such as Te Arai, are positively lovely. The Crazy by Nature range is his more attractively priced bottlings and in a tasting with friends both this Chenin Blanc and the Crazy by Nature Chardonnay did well as great sipping and food wines. The name Crazy by Nature, by the way, comes from what James was called when he first went for full on biodynamics in this corner of the world.

4. Vigneto di Gino, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Fattoria San Lorenzo, Natalino Crognaletti, 2010, Marche, Italy (125 SEK, nr 75847) 
Tried the wines from Crognaletti at the Real Wine Fair and was quite excited about the range. This wine was really interesting with a fresh citrus base and a special mushroom note on the nose. Well balanced. If you see the 1998 Marche Bianco, grab it. It has aged excellently and developed an interesting complexity while retaining freshness.

5. Pinot Blanc Reserve 2010, Fernand Engel, Alsace, France (109 SEK, nr 86228)
 A small Alsatian family producer working biodynamically. Bit of roundness, touch of sweetness, light green freshness and a decent amount of peachy fruit. Try this with a local onion tart and cold cuts.
Av: Erica Landin