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21 Aug, 2012
6 Sep, 2023

Five fantastic organic reds

After positive feedback on the top organic champagnes, we will follow with more organic top lists. Here are five fantastic organic or biodynamic red wines to try this fall (all available through Systembolaget, number and price in parenthesis. Some are ordering assortment or small volumes - check before heading to the store).

1.Mule Gateway Vineyard Shiraz (in biodynamic conversion) 2009, Innocent Bystander, McLaren Vale, Australia (149 SEK, nr 74098)
Mule is the McLaren Vale single-vineyard wines of Yarra-based Innocent Bystander. An excellent representative of what makes the small winemaker movement in Australia so exciting. Full nose with plenty of black fruit and wet tobacco. Meaty and warmly inviting. Tannins smooth as a baby’s bottom and a light freshness to balance the developing fruit. Easy to enjoy alone or with a nice rack of lamb on the barbie. A definite BUY!

2. Montirius Vacqueyras Le Clos, 2010, Montirius, Rhone, France (launch date in Sweden Oct 1, 168 SEK, nr 90293).
A ripe, pleasant wine with plenty of intensive dark fruit from the syrah and grenache. Touches of liquorish and garrigue (herbal greens). A wine which is easy to like and which should grow in the glass over an evening. The couple making this wine are fifth generation winemakers and true biodynamic converts. When I met them at RAW in London, they spoke of energies in a way that reminded me of hippies in the 70’s but which came from the heart. Well worth an evening of philosophical discussions and good food.

3. Cascina Corte Barbera, 2009, Cascina Corte, Piemonte, Italy (178 SEK, nr 90034)

The first truly enjoyable barbera I ever tried, and it has kept the leading position. This vintage charmingly complex, with wonderful but elegantly restrained fruit. Most of all it was the structure which I fell for. Often I find barbera acidity too abrasive - not in this one. A great wine at this price, ready to drink. At the dinner at Haut Les Vins I unknowingly spent the evening seated next to the producer, Sandro Barosi. Let me just tell you he is as lovely, dynamic and enchanting as the wine! This vintage is almost out at Systembolaget, fingers crossed for more!

4. Vougeot, Premier Cru Les Cras 2007, Domaine de la Vougeraie, Bourgogne, France (459 SEK, nr 99037, 2009 available as nr 75247)
Ok I know it’s expensive, but so far the wines of de la Vougeraie have always knocked me senseless in a blind tasting. They make my knees weak. I’m not alone - Pierre Vincent got named Winemaker of the Year in 2010 which must mean more people have realized their quality. 2007 is a good year to drink early, the silky red fruit is generous while still dominated by minerality, acid structure and finesse. There is something about Vougeraie’s biodynamic wines that transcends tasting notes - they make me think of being in love and of beautiful, silk evening gowns. Preferably together. Their gamay-based En Bollery Terres d’en Face is lower in price when available and still quite interesting.

5. Promessa Syrah-Merlot 2009, A Mano, Puglia, Italy (75 SEK, nr 72830)

A food friendly organic wine at an attractive price. Spicy, full of liquorish, herbs, pepper (tons of pepper) and black cherries. Fresh acidity makes this work well with pasta, a creamy tomato sauce and heaps of parmesan. Buy a case and spice up a weekday meal or invite plenty of friends for a relaxed dinner “famiglia-style.”

Next week: organic white wines

Av: Erica Landin