21 May, 2009

Sauvignon blanc rapport från Iona, Sydafrika

Sydafrikanska vinproducenten Iona Estate ligger i ward Elgin, i området Walker Bay. Här är svalt och Atlantklimatet är märkbart. Elgin räknas som en av de mer intressanta platserna i Sydafrika just nu för högkvalitativa viner. Iona Estate drivs av Andrew Gunn som brinner för det han gör och hans sauvignon blancvin räknas in som ett av landets bästa. Hans vin smakar av mineral, vilket är en stil som skiljer sig från en annars mer vanlig fruktdriven stil. Läs mailet från Andrew Gunn där han berättar om årets s b skörd.

Iona harvested their last Sauvignon Blanc grapes on the 6th April 2009, a couple of days later than 2008, the culmination of a perfect vintage, where cool, sunny, dry days prevailed for most of the ripening season.

The grapes had a perfect analysis, with a sugar of 22,7 baling, pH 3,19 and a total acidity of 7,49.

Jean Smit, the new winemaker, previously with Marc Kent at the fabulous Boekenhoutskloof has every reason to be optimistic about the quality of his first vintage and confirmed his feelings when he first joined Iona.

“My ambition to work with the best fruit and have responsibility from vineyard to the bottle was realized when Andrew Gunn offered me the position of winemaker at Iona. Andrew Gunn bought and started planting this “gem” 12 years ago and now I am privileged to revel in its unspoiled beauty. When you step into these vineyards, one can’t ignore the enormous influence of the Atlantic Ocean which is just 3 km to the south and 420m above it. Every morning when I look at our vineyards I get this nervous energy that tells me something amazing is about to happen on this Southern tip of Africa.”

bilden visar: Winemaker Jean Smit and viticulturist Joseph Sebulawa with the last harvest